The Personality Gems Thanos Used To Balance The Universe (4 Gems Personality Types + DISC)

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You are probably wondering what the f*ck this article is about? And what Thanos has to do with my personality? I’ll answer you that in a moment, just keep reading….

If you are thinking: “How can this shit be any useful? Will it make me any money or is it a waste my time?”, you are probably a Ruby. And, It depends. Would the ability to read people instantly make you money?

Or maybe you are thinking: “Is this article any rationale? I see a guy who is not a certfied psychologist writing about personality types.” You are technically correct and you are likely an Emerald. FYI: I didn’t come up with this on my own. I use different sources and we’ll give you links at the end so you can read more. I know that you’d appreciate it.

Or maybe you are like “What is this?? They are talking only about reading people and making money… How can I use it for a good cause and help people?”. Don’t worry my precious Pearl it can be used for good. It all depends on you. Let me ask you a question, how can you help people without even understanding them?

If you are already bored or wondering “Where is the interesting part?” Thinking in your mind “Is this any entertaining?”, chances are that you are a Sapphire. I know you love having fun that’s why I put some cool images for you!

So let’s not make the Rubies wait and get straight to the point.

The 4 Gem Personality Types

People can be roughly divided into 4 personality types and for the sake of simplicity let’s define them with gems — Sapphire, Pearl, Emerald, and Ruby. I guess you wonder what these gemstones mean and I’m just about to explain that for you.

Sapphire (people-oriented & Active)

Sapphires are motivated by FUN. They are usually the life of the party. Sapphires are loud and animated. They wear bright colorful clothes and has a lot of accessories. May have tattoos or piercings. For them, it’s all about standing out and having a good time!


  • Very Energetic
  • Greatest Influencers (people love them)
  • Good Team Players


  • Not Organized
  • Usually Late
  • Less Compliant To Rules

Bonus: Love Recognition, Intimidated by Emeralds, When home alone they usually listen to loud music, Bad/Problem Students at School

Pearl (people-oriented & Passive)

Pearls are motivated by HELPING OTHERS orA GOOD CAUSE. Their keyword is TRUST. They are the people-people, very nice, soft-spoken, always willing to help. They are quiet, wear comfortable clothes and have less accessories. Usually have old things passed over generations. For Pearls avoiding confrontation and serving others is a MUST.


  • Very Loyal
  • The Best Listeners
  • Always Willing To Help


  • Very Sensitive (Can get hurt easily)
  • Can Explode (While avoiding confortation they keep all inside and things can get ugly after a certain threshold is passed)
  • Not Open

Bonus: Not huge money spenders, Love handmade stuff, Like to lend money

Emerald (task-oriented & Passive)

Emeralds are motivated by LOGIC. They like things to be rational and to make sense. They love details, precision and accuracy. Usually they speak in monotone and wear practical clothes that last long. Emeralds are very well organized, usually good students and like to ask a lot of questions.


  • Always On Time
  • Very Analytical (Great Researchers)
  • Follow The Rules


  • Obsessed By Facts
  • Tend To Change People (turn people into them)
  • Overthinking

Bonus: Perfectionists, When home alone they relax by getting tasks done, Love quality items on discount price

Ruby (task-oriented & Active)

Rubies are motivated by CHALLENGE or MONEY. Their keyword is POWER. They don’t play a game for fun like Sapphires, they play to win. Rubies love to show off that’s why they wear brand & expensive clothes. They love speed and are moderately organized. They are risk-takers, dominating and competetive people. For them if you are not first, you are last!


  • Very Ambitious
  • Quick Decision Makers
  • High-Performers


  • Control-Freaks
  • Bad Team Players
  • Can Hurt Others

Bonus: Likes Red & Black, When home alone they work and even skip meals, Attracted by Most Expensive or Limited Edition items

People usually have one Primary Gem and one Secondary Gem. Most of the time they operate under their Primary Gem but depending on the situation this can change. Keep in mind that there are also people who are extremes and may have only Primary Gem.

How can I tell the difference between Gems? What Gem am I?

Now you have the core characteristics of each personality gem. But sometimes it can be hard to tell what gem the person is. That’s why I’ll show you 2 easy and practical strategies that you can use when identifying people.

1. Snap judgment based on DISC Personalities

DISC says that people divide into 2 types: task-oriented and people-oriented.

Task-oriented people are all about doing tasks, achieving goals and they generally wanna get stuff done. On the other hand, there are people-oriented people who are warm, fuzzy, like communicating with other people and love connecting with people.

DISC also says that people can have 2 styles: Active or Passive. As a simplified example let’s take “a pen in school”. An Active style would borrow the pen and a Passive style would lend the pen. As a rule of thumb: Active style takes action and Passive style observes.

So when you are confused about someone try determining only whether they are task-oriented or people-oriented. Whether they have an Active or Passive style. Here are some examples:

  • people-oriented + Passive — Pearl (69% of the population)
  • task-oriented + Passive — Emerald (17%)
  • people-oriented + Active — Sapphire (11%)
  • task-oriented + Active — Ruby (3%)

2. The Exclusion Method

Okay but what if the DISC judgment from above does not work? Start with what they are not for sure. Probably the person you are trying to identify is not a Ruby (3%). So now ask yourself “Does he have Active or Passive style?” If he’s not Ruby and has a Passive style, chances are that he is an Emerald. As a conclusion: Start by fully excluding one of the 4 Gems.

How to communicate with the different gems?

Golden Rule: Treat others the way they want to be treated, not how you want to be treated. Don’t project your values on others. They are not you. They are different.


Present your idea in an interesting way. Don’t talk them about facts and figures. Tone-down your Emerald. They are not about details or money, they just want to have fun. Sapphires love recognition so give it to them. They’ll appreciate it! They also love to talk, so let them talk. Before going for the sale make sure you have connected with them emotionally.


Don’t talk to them about money or power. Bring up a good cause and that will motivate them. Speak softly, listen carefully and pay attention. They will love it! Also, be honest because trust is very important for Pearls. Present your idea simply and show them how it can help others.


Be on time! When dealing with emeralds keep your heart mostly aside and let the brain do the work. They don’t like mindless conversations. Educate them about the facts and details of the idea. Make sure your information is structured and ordered before giving it. Keep in mind that Emerald will ask a lot of questions so make sure to answer without bullshitting them.


Rubies love power and speed. Present your idea quickly and straight-to-the-point. Put the universe in a cup for them. To sell them, they need to know that your product is premium, limited quantity or available only for few. Keep in mind that Rubies are mainly solo-players so putting them in a group setting will be an instant turn off.

If you are interested in Closing and want to have some practical strategies that you can implement today, check out 5 Easy Ways To Close More Sales.

As you reached this far, I want to thank you for reading my article! I appreciate it ❤ Have you learned something new? What GEM are you? If you want to read more, there are links to the resources below. Wish you all the best!

- Iliyan



  • The Gems personality test was originally created by Dani Johnson back in 2005.



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